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Aramid Banded V-Belts

V-Belt Guys: Aramid Cord Banded Dry Wrap V-Belt Selection – 3L, A/4L, and B/5L Sizes

Discover the V-Belt Guys Aramid Cord Banded Dry Wrap V-Belt Selection, where innovation meets durability. Our collection features the 3L, A/4L, and B/5L sized banded v-belts, each designed to provide superior performance and longevity in a variety of applications.

3L Sized Banded Dry Wrap V-Belts: Perfect for light-duty applications, our 3L belts measure 3/8 inch (9.525 mm) in width, offering precision and flexibility. Ideal for household appliances and light machinery, these belts are reinforced with aramid cords, ensuring strength and extended service life.

A/4L Sized Banded Dry Wrap V-Belts: With a width of 1/2 inch (12.7 mm), the A/4L belts are designed for medium-duty applications. They provide reliable power transmission for garden and workshop tools, combining the toughness of aramid cords with the efficiency of a dry wrap design for enhanced performance.

B/5L Sized Banded Dry Wrap V-Belts: Our B/5L belts, measuring 5/8 inch (15.875 mm) in width, are built for heavier applications. Suitable for industrial machinery and agricultural equipment, these belts offer the durability and strength needed for demanding tasks, thanks to their aramid cord construction.

At V-Belt Guys, we are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions. Our Aramid Cord Banded Dry Wrap V-Belts are engineered for durability, efficiency, and longevity, ensuring your machinery operates smoothly and effectively. With our focus on customer satisfaction, you can trust our products to meet and exceed your power transmission needs.

Choose V-Belt Guys for your banded v-belt requirements and experience the difference that quality and precision can make. With our selection of 3L, A/4L, and B/5L sized banded dry wrap v-belts, you're equipped with the best in durability and performance, ensuring your operations run seamlessly and efficiently.